MPH Practicum FAQ

After I have finished my practicum, what next?

Students who are interested in building on the practicum are encouraged to complete an M.P.H. Project. You are also encouraged to utilize your practica to prepare a poster for inclusion in the SPHHS Research Day, which takes place each spring.

Can I do the practicum at my current job?

If you can do a practicum only in your regular place of employment, the assignment must extend beyond your regular work duties and allow application of knowledge and skills acquired through the M.P.H. course of study.

How am I graded?

The practicum is graded on a pass/fail basis. In order to pass the practicum, your practicum file must contain all the items listed in the MPH Practicum Student Manual.

Is the practicum paid?

Agencies and organizations may provide paid or unpaid practica opportunities. There is no guarantee of financial support for you during your practicum. However, the School will assist you in finding paid placements whenever possible.

What are the English proficiency requirements?

Practice experiences are arranged mutually by faculty and student, but depend entirely on the willingness of the public or private sector organization to accept the student. This acceptance requires a good working knowledge of the English language. Your ability to communicate in English must be very good, so that instructions and feedback by your supervisor are readily understood, and any problems quickly resolved. A good written command of English is also necessary. There are resources for International Students to improve their written and oral English at the University.

What is a suggested timeline for the practicum?

The Practicum process usually starts in the Fall of your first year.