Integrative Experience and Capstone Course

How do students meet Public Health’s Integrative Experience (IE)?

PUBHLTH 490B, Capstone Course, fulfills the Integrative Experience gen-ed. The course provides a culminating academic experience of the learning and coursework completed in the public health major. Students are encouraged to present their Capstone project/paper at the state-wide undergraduate research day in late spring.

If I am an Honor’s Student, do I still have to complete Public Health’s Integrative Experience?

Although the two courses have “Capstone” in their name, they are two very different courses and require different amounts of work. If you are an Honor’s Student, you have to complete the Commonwealth College Honor’s Capstone, which can be an independent project or a capstone course. If there is an Honor’s Capstone course that is relevant to Public Health and fulfills an Integrative Experience, then you can submit a proposal to the Program Director to see if the course can be substituted.

If I am double majoring, do I have to complete Public Health’s Integrative Experience?

Yes, even if you are a double major you must take PUBHLTH 490B because it is one of our major requirements. Only under special circumstances can exceptions be made. Note: it must be approved by the Undergraduate Program Director.