Salvatore R. DiNardi

Salvatore Dinardi


B.A., Hofstra University; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Submarine environments, chemical agent detection

Research Description: 

  • Research and consultation in exposure assessment modeling, basic industrial hygiene, ventilation design, and indoor air quality
  • Develops mathematical models to estimate, retrospectively and/or prospectively, personal exposures to organic solvents in a variety of environmental settings.
  • State of the art expert in historical exposures to asbestos fibers in the work and home environments.
  • Principal scientist for the United States Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory, (Groton, Connecticut) Submarine Atmospheric Health Assessment Program.
  • Recognition and evaluation of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and environmental (CBRNE) agents.
  • Surveys indoor air quality problems especially epidemics of building related illness.

Key Publications: 

The Occupational Environment its Evaluation, Control, and Management - Textbook and CD, Edition 1 (ISBN: 0-932627-82-X) and edition 2 (ISBN: 1-931504-43-1).

Glossary of Occupational Hygiene Terms (ISBN 0-932629-07-X).

Calculation Methods for Industrial Hygiene  (ISBN 0-442-01821-5).

Calculation Methods for Occupation Hygiene (In Press).

Salvatore DiNardi Curriculum Vitae