Marquis Hawkins

Assistant Professor
403 Arnold House


B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Area(s) of Specialization: 

physical activity, intervention studies, subclinical cardiovascular disease, maternal health

Research Description: 

My research aims to better understand the relationship between physical activity and sedentary behavior with chronic health outcomes.

Key Publications: 

Hawkins M, Marcus B, Stanek E, Braun B, Markenson G, Ciccolo J, Chasan-Taber L. The Impact of an Exercise Intervention on Physical Activity during Pregnancy: The Behaviors Affecting Baby and You (B.A.B.Y.) Study. American Journal of Public Health. 2014 (In Press)

Hawkins M, Newman AB, Madero M, Patel KV, Shlipak MG, Cooper J, Johansen KL, Navaneethan SD, Shorr RI, Simonsick EM, Fried LF. The association of physical activity and television watching with change in kidney function in older adults. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 2014 (In Press)

Hawkins M, Pekow P, Chasan-Taber. Physical activity, sedentary behavior and C-reactive protein in pregnancy. Medicine in Sports & Science and Exercise. 2014, Feb; 46(2): 284-92.

Hawkins, MS, Sevick MA, Richardson C, Fried L, Arena V, Kriska A. The association between physical activity and renal function. Medicine in Sports & Science and Exercise. 2011, Aug. 43(8): 1457-64  

Hawkins MS, Storti KL, Richardson CM, Holleman R, Strath SJ, Kriska AM. Objectively measured physical activity of U.S. adults by sex, age, and racial/ethnic groups: Cross-sectional Study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 2009, June 3(6): 31.