Louis F. Graham

Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor
Community Health Education
Campus Address: 
315 Arnold House

B.A., Carleton College, 2005; M.P.H., Morehouse School of Medicine, 2007; Dr.P.H., University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG), 2010

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Health inequities; CBPR; Psychosocial health; LGBT health; Cultural studies

Research Description: 

Using community-based participatory approaches, my scholarship aims to understand psychosocial health determinants among ethnic, gender and sexually marginalized groups – including mental health promotion and HIV prevention among black and Latino gay and bisexual men and transgender women. My approach to CBPR facilitates power sharing whereby community stakeholders are engaged in the entire research process from beginning to end. The most daunting health inequalities exist between groups of differing cultural orientations, whether related to ethnicity, sexuality, or other identity designations. Consequently, my research incorporates cultural studies theories (e.g., critical race theory, queer theory) as frameworks and analytic tools. Though I employ mix-methods, I am most interested in narrative, photo, and other qualitative methods.

I value transdisciplinary collaboration and social justice approaches to scholarship. As such, I locate my work at the intersections of theory, research, policy, and praxis. I am a co-principal investigator of a four-year, Ford Foundation funded ethnographic research project, “Detroit Youth Passages,” (detroityouthpassages.org) which seeks to examine and positively transform structural conditions that contribute to sexual vulnerabilities. In this role, I am the director of all research, communication, and dissemination activities in partnership with the Ruth Ellis Center and African-American transgender communities in Detroit.

Key Publications: 

Graham LF, Crissman HP, Tocco J, Lopez W, Snow RC, and Padilla M. (in press). Navigating community institutions: Black transgender women’s experiences in schools, the criminal justice system, and churches. Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Graham LF, Matiz A, Lopez W, Gracey A, Snow RC, and Padilla M. (2013). Addressing economic devastation and built environment degradatino to prevent violence: A photovoice project of Detroit Youth Passages. Community Literacy Journal; 8(1): 41-52.

Graham LF. (2012). Psychosocial health of black sexually marginalized men. In H. Treadwell, C. Xanthos, & K. Holden (eds.), Social determinants of Health Among African-American Men. Jossey Bass.

Graham LF, Aronson RE, Nichols R, Stephens CF, and Rhodes SD. (2011). Factors influencing depression and anxiety among black sexual minority men. Depression Research and Treatment, Article ID: 587984, 9 pages; doi: 10.115/2011/587984.

Graham LF, Brown-Jeffy S, Aronson RE, and Stephens C. (2011). Critical Race Theory as theoretical framework and analysis tool for population health research. Critical Public Health Journal, 21(1): 81-93.

Louis F. Graham Curriculum Vitae