Lindiwe Sibeko

Assistant Professor, Extension Faculty
204 Chenoweth Laboratory


B.Sc., Mount Saint Vincent University; M.Sc., McGill University; PhD, McGill University; Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Transcultural Psychiatry; Dietitian; International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Maternal and Child health, Breastfeeding, Food security, Community based research, Prevention of childhood Obesity.

Research Description: 

Dr. Sibeko’s research interests are in working with under-served, vulnerable population groups, including families served by Extension programs. Specifically, Dr. Sibeko’s research focuses on women, newborns and children, including adolescents. Within this context, her research addresses prenatal, perinatal and postnatal health, prevention of childhood obesity, promotion of optimal infant and young child feeding and elucidating the role of breastfeeding in healthy child development.

Dr. Sibeko is also interested in the interplay of health disparities and food security. More specifically, her research examines how local food systems and community-based food strategies impact intra-household food consumption.

Her global health research has also focused on maternal and child health issues, primarily in the area of nutritional status assessment, infant feeding practices and the role of breastfeeding in the prevention of pediatric HIV infections.

Key Publications: 

Danielle Groleau, Lindiwe Sibeko. Breastfeeding in the Margins: navigating through the conflicts of social and moral order (2012). In: Beyond Health, Beyond Choice. Eds. Hall Smith,P., Hausman B & Labbok M; pp. 203-211. Rutgers University Press.

Lindiwe Sibeko, Anna Coutsoudis, Sphindile Nzuza, Katherine Gray-Donald (2009). Mothers' Infant Feeding Experiences: constraints and supports for optimal feeding in an HIV-impacted urban community in South Africa. Public Health Nutrition;12(11), 1983-1990.

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