Krystal Pollitt

Assistant Professor, The Commonwealth Honors College Professor in Environmental Health Sciences
175B Goessmann


B.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 2005; M.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 2007; Ph.D., King’s College London 2011; Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto/ University Health Network, 2011-2014. Registered Professor Engineer, Ontario, Canada

Other appointments: 
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Affiliate Member, University of Massachusetts Transportation Center

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Air Pollution, Exposure Assessment, Biomarkers of Exposure, Vehicle Emissions, Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Research Description: 

Exposure to air pollution is unavoidable and ranks in the top ten global health risks attributable to non-communicable diseases. The goal of my work is to understand the relationship between exposure to complex mixtures of air pollutants and disease. Research in my laboratory is focused on developing novel analytical approaches to characterise personal environmental exposures to understand how these pollutant exposures can adversely affect health. My group uses mass spectrometry techniques to analyse biological samples for pollutants and metabolites related to air pollutant exposure.

Key Publications: 

Maikawa, C.L., Weichenthal, S., Wheeler, A.J., Dobbin, N., Smargiassi, A., Evans, G.J., Liu, L., Goldberg, M.S., Godri Pollitt, K.J. (2016) Particulate Oxidative Burden as a Predictor of Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Children with Asthma. Environmental Health Perspectives. 124(10):1616-1622.

Godri Pollitt, K.J., Maikawa, C.L., Wheeler, A.J., Weichenthal, S., Dobbin, N., Liu, L., Goldberg, M.S. (2016) Trace metal exposure is associated with increased exhaled nitric oxide in asthmatic children. Environmental Health. 15:94.

Weichenthal, S., Lavigne, E., Evans, G.J., Godri Pollitt, K.J., Burnett, R.T. (2016) PM2.5 and Emergency Room Visits for Respiratory Illness: Effect Modification by Oxidative Potential. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. In Press.

Maikawa, C.L., Zimmerman, N., Rais, K., Shah, M., Hawley, B., Pant, P., Jeong, C.-H., Delgado Saborit, J.M., Volckens, J., Evans, G.J., Wallace, J.S., Godri Pollitt, K.J. (2016) Murine precision-cut lung slices exhibit acute responses following exposure to gasoline direct injection engine emissions. Science of the Total Environment. 568: 1102-1109.

Weichenthal, S., Lavigne, E., Evans, G.J., Godri Pollitt, K.J., Burnett, R.T. (2016) Ambient PM2.5 and Risk of Emergency Room Visits for Myocardial Infarction: Impact of Regional PM2.5 Oxidative Potential. Environmental Health. In Press.

PUBHLTH397BH: Air Pollution and Health 
PUBHLTH290KH: Environmental Epigenetics
PUBHLTH490VS/PUBHLTH790VS: Environmental Health Sciences Seminar Series
EHS691B: Research Methods