Katherine Boyer

Assistant Professor
159C Totman Building


Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab


B.Sc., Queen’s University,2001; Ph.D., University of Calgary, 2006; Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University.

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Biomechanics, Motion Analysis, Osteoarthritis, Tissue Mechanics, Overuse Injury

Research Description: 

Primary research focus is in the area of the lower extremity mechanics during locomotion and the mechanisms for adaptations in ambulatory mechanics in aging, with overuse injury and in response to mechanical and pharmacological interventions. This research uses a stimulus response experimental model to probe interaction between gait mechanics, neuromuscular function, systemic biological marker and joint injury and degeneration.  A related interest is the development of non-invasive interventions such as shoes or apparel to stimulate or support functional needs to enhance sports performance, minimize injury risk and/or reduce painful disease symptoms.

Key Publications: 

Boyer, K.A., Federolf, P, Lin, C. Nigg, B.M., Andriacchi, T.P (2012) Kinematic adaptations to a variable stiffness shoe: mechanisms for reducing joint loading. Journal of Biomechanics. 45 (9), 1619-1624.

Boyer, K.A. Angst M. Giori, N.J., Asay, J. Andriacchi. (2012) Effects of COX-2 selective anti-inflammatory and opioid on gait mechanics in knee osteoarthritis patients. Journal of Orthopedic Research. 30 (7). 1118-1124.

Boyer K.A., Kiratli B.K., Andriacchi T.P. and Beaupre G.S . (2011) Maintaining femoral bone density in adults: is 10,000 steps enough? Osteoporosis International.22 (12) 2981-2988.

Boyer K.A, Andriacchi T.P.,(2009). Changes in running kinematics and kinetics in response to a rockered shoe intervention. Clinical Biomechanics (Bristol , Avon ) 24(10):872-6

Boyer, K. A., Beaupre, G.S., Andriacchi, T.P., 2008. Gender differences exist in the hip joint moments of healthy older walkers. Journal of Biomechanics, 41, 3360-3365