Creativity Corridor

Are you involved in Health Equity work? Have you told stories through the use of photos, video or art?
We invite you to take your creative work off the shelf and share it with us!

Photovoice—Digital Stories—Videos—Books—Youth-produced art—Interactive art

One major goal for the summit is to showcase work done in Western MA through a display of Creativity, Culture and History. Communities can bring and share any sort of media and cultural documentation of efforts to achieve more health equity. The goal is to remember all that we have created, and build upon this work and share our ideas with other communities.

Creative work chosen for the showcase will be shown October 2, 2014 at the Western Massachusetts Health Equity Summit.

What we are looking for: Creative displays related to achieving health equity, on any public health topic that you have worked on in your community.

Deadline: By May 1, 2014 please send us a short note with a description of the project the format, and display requirements. Include:

  • Your name and community 
  • Who was involved in its creation? 
  • What are the dimensions and/or format of your submission?

We will notify you by June 1st if your work has been accepted for display. For more information contact the Office for Public Health Practice and Outreach at (413)-545-2529, or email Risa Silverman at