Online MPH Practicum Requirements

All M.P.H students are required to complete a practicum as part of their degree requirement, and will receive three credits for the practicum. The minimum time for a practice experience is 200 hours. However, individuals with evidence of 3 years of experience and currently employed fulltime in a public health or health care setting practice would be given 80 hours credit toward the practicum. This credit would reduce the minimum practice requirement to 120 hours.

Practice experiences may be paid or unpaid. Placements are found by the student and approved by the Practicum instructor.

For MPH-PHP Students: You need to sign up for PUBHLTH 698P PHP Practicum and must complete all 5 core courses before signing up for a practicum. Your practicum will be graded as pass/fail.

For MPH-Nutrition Students: You need to sign up for NUTRITN 698: Practicum for 3 credits and must complete at least 3 of the 5 PUBHLTH core courses before enrolling in NUTRITN 698.  You will earn a letter grade for your practicum.  

The guidelines found in the links in the right-hand column of this page will provide you with more information regarding your practicum.

For a list of recent practicum site placements please click here.

Here are some recent examples of practicum coursework:

Another example of practicum work is below, made by online PHP student Omar Johnson for the Martha’s Vineyard Tick-Borne Initiative.