Feature Articles

Feature articles are longer articles that give student writers an opportunity to take a deeper look at a topic. These articles provide a combination of theoretical information and practical advice. Many of these articles were developed to help students at UMass. Some were developed with an eye to promoting sustainable eating practices – supporting local farms and eating locally, for example. Others are aimed at parents, athletes, and other community members.

Eating Well and Living Well as a College Student

How to Avoid the Vending Machine (PDF)
Crunch Time - Eating Healthy During Finals (PDF)
Caffeine – the Legal Addiction (PDF)
The Effects of Energy Drinks (PDF)
Reasons to Eat Breakfast (PDF)
Cultivating Independence (PDF)
A Balancing Act (PDF)
Get Those Zs for Weight Loss Ease (PDF)
Making Sure the Best Times of Your Life are not the Unhealthiest (PDF)
A Beginner’s Guide to Stocking a Healthy Pantry (PDF)
Healthy Cooking Simplified (PDF)
Reach Your Healthy Diet Goals (PDF)
Eat your fruits and veggies (PDF)
Food Safety (PDF)
Healthier Eating at the Holidays (PDF)
Say No to the Holiday Pounds (PDF)
I’m Dreaming of a Light Christmas (PDF)
Go Nuts for Your Health (PDF)
Butter vs Margarine (PDF)
How to Beat the Freshman 15 (PDF)
Fad Diets (PDF)
Going Gluten-Free: Tips for Making the Transition (PDF)
Lactose Intolerance (PDF)
Sodium (PDF)
Migraines and Diet (PDF)
Food and Mood (PDF)
Food Allergies Holding You Back? Think Again (PDF)
The Need for Sleep (PDF)

Food Safety

Avoiding Salmonella (PDF)
Egg Safety (PDF)

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition and Athletic Performance (PDF)
Sports Nutrition for Adolescent Girls (PDF)

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Nutrition During Chemotherapy (PDF)


Supporting Local Farmers (PDF)
Making Your Farm-share Work for You (PDF)
Eating Locally (PDF)
Diet and the Environment (PDF)
Apples (PDF)

Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle

What Parents Need to Know about Sodium (PDF)
Taming the Tantrum (PDF)
Fruits and Vegetables for Children 2 (PDF)
Feeding Your Family Whole Grains (PDF)
Preventing Childhood Obesity (PDF)
Pregnancy Nutrition (PDF)
Benefits of Breastfeeding (PDF)
Emergency Food Kits for Families (PDF)

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