FAQs About Nutrition

Everyone seems to have questions about nutrition. We collect questions from students in introductory nutrition classes, from friends, and from family members. Students in Writing in Nutrition choose a question and provide an answer, based on their interpretation of current scientific thinking, which would be understandable by an intelligent reader who has no background in science.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

How many meals a day should I be eating? (PDF)
What is the Glycemic Index? How does it work? (PDF)
What are the best sources of carbohydrate for someone with gluten intolerance? (PDF)
What are the benefits of taking fish oil pills and are they worth buying? (PDF)
Is it more important to exercise or to eat healthy? (PDF)
Is there a food that I can eat that will lower my cholesterol? (PDF)
Is exercise as important if you have a well-balanced, nutrient-filled diet? (PDF)

Vitamins and Minerals

If I don’t have enough energy, will a multivitamin supplement help? (PDF)

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