Volunteer and Field Experience

Anytime is a good time to volunteer and gain experience in the field of Nutrition! Whether your focus is Food Service, Community or Clinical Nutrition, you can find a volunteer position or program that is a good fit, exciting, and both interesting and beneficial to your future in nutrition and the realm of public health.

Browse some of the links below to see what may interest you! And don't forget that self-initiative is the most important quality one can have! Volunteer opportunities, jobs and internships don't simply come to you: you have to have the drive to go looking for them. Future employers will look to see what sort of experience you have in your field just as they will look at your GPA, so get out there and find something you love to do outside of the classroom!

Additionally, the School of Public Health and Health Sciences regularly updates its Workforce Development page with opportunities for internships, practicum experiences, and other opportunities. Students are strongly advised to consult their academic advisors about suitable opportunities.

Food Service:

  • Volunteer at BigY Supermarkets
  • Work at a campus Dining Common (Paid campus job)
  • Sodexho Food Service Summer Practicum (Paid summer internship): Keep an eye out for announcements in Nutrition Classes to find out when and where applications are due.
  • Work with a UMass Amherst Dietitian

Clinical Nutrition:

Also, if you live near Boston, many major Boston hospitals need student volunteers during the winter and summer breaks.

Community Nutrition:

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

       Highland Valley Elder Services- 1st Annual Walkathon

       Volunteer Educator - Community Harvest Project

Keep in mind that many department listings are posted outside of the Nutrition Library on the board, and that there are often in-class announcements as well. Always keep your eyes and ears open! Campus opportunities are usually announced at the beginning of each semester, so always be on the lookout for something that may spark your interest!

Volunteering can be as small or as big as you want it to be and have time for. No matter how much or how little you do, volunteering is both beneficial to you and especially to the people you are helping out!