Tips and Timetables

YearWhat to do?Tips
FreshmanYou should begin to look at the coursework you will need to take and some of the possible career options that lie ahead. It’s a great time to really think if you want or need to become an R.D. depending on what you would like to do with your degree.
  1. Talk to nutritionists in the field, professors, researchers and former students.
  2. Read interviews on this website.
SophomoreYou should speak with your advisor to decide if you want to be put on the R.D. track or not. This will just ensure that you take the ACEND accredited course work, so that you can apply for a D.I. when you graduate.Build your Resume:
  1. Is it up to date?
  2. Do you have a cover letter?
  4. **Try to add new items rather than emphasizing old ones.**
JuniorReally begin to look at places to apply and think of professors that you would feel comfortable asking to write a letter of recommendation for you. If you don’t feel that close with any professors, now is a great time to try and work with one. Look up your professor’s current research and see if you can help. This will allow them to see you in a work setting and should also help you feel more comfortable asking for a recommendation. This is also an important time to try to get some clinical experience as a volunteer so you will have a better feel as to what is in store for you during your clinical rotations.Build a Portfolio:
  1. Include everything you did that is nutrition/community related (clinical or community nutrition, food drives, etc.)
SeniorKeep in touch with your advisor, start finishing up your applications as most deadlines usually fall somewhere between January and February, and ask professors for recommendations early on in the semester if you have not yet. Send out your applications and hope for the best!Recommendation Letters:
  1. Make sure that you ask professors, or whoever may be writing your recommendation letters, far enough in advance that they have plenty of time to write their letter.
  2. Make sure you have the appropriate amount of recommendation letters (if any) that are required by the specific internship you are applying to.