2010 Journal Articles

Anliker, Jean

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Carbone, Elena

Haskins, A., Pekow, P., Markenson, G., Bertone-Johnson, E., Carbone, E., Chasan-Taber, L. 2010. Correlates of smoking cessation at pregnancy onset among Hispanic women in Massachusetts. American Journal of Health Promotion 25(2):100-8.

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Kannan, Srimathi

Kannan, S. 2010. Finger millet in nutrition transition: An infant weaning food ingredient with chronic disease preventive potential. The British Journal of Nutrition 104(12):1733-4.

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Kim, Young-Cheul

Cho, K.W., Lee, O.H., Banz, W.J., Moustaid-Moussa, N., Shay, N., Kim, Y-C. 2010. Daidzein and the daidzein metabolite, equol, enhance adipocyte differentiation and PPAR transcriptional activity. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 21: 841-847.

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Peterman, Jerusha Nelson

Peterman J.N., Wilde, P.E., Liang, S., Bermudez, O.I., Silka, L., Rogers, B.L. 2010. Relationship between past food deprivation and current dietary practices and weight status among Cambodian refugee women in Lowell, MA. American Journal of Public Health 100:1930-37.

Ronnenberg, Alayne

Zagarins, S.E., Ronnenberg, A.G., Gehlbach, S.H., Lin, R., Bertone-Johnson, E.R. 2010. The association of lean mass and fat mass with peak bone mass in young premenopausal women. Journal of Clinical Densitometry 13: 392-398.

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