Thony Tran

Thony TranYear of Graduation: 2012
Major(s): Nutrition and Food Science


Why were you interested in nutrition?

I was interested in nutrition because I had cholesterol and was overweight and because my parents have pre-hypertension.

Why did you join the HANDS program?

I joined the HANDS program because it was great way to learn from students from other traditionally underrepresented groups, to work in a close-knit community of students, and to improve our professional development.

What did you enjoy about the HANDS program?

I enjoyed the community outreach programs, lively discussions, and multicultural breakfast!

What were your most memorable experiences at UMass and in the HANDS program?

My most memorable experiences at UMass and in the HANDS program include enjoying my free time with friends and educating people at the Farmer’s Market about food safety, respectively.

What are some study tips?

Listen to and write down what the professor says, read the assigned textbook for clarification, and always ask for help if you don’t understand.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to become an RD and to work in clinical nutrition.

What is some advice for nutrition students and prospective HANDS Scholars?

Get advice from professors, take advantage of every opportunity, and remember to enjoy the college life!