Tam Tran

Tam TranYear of Graduation: 2011
Major: Nutrition

Why were you interested in nutrition?

Improve the health of my community and myself through proper nutrition.

Why did you join the HANDS program?

Meet other nutrition majors from different backgrounds as well as help out in the Nutrition Community.

What did you enjoy about the HANDS program?

Putting together projects with my class mates as well as working with the program leader, Nancy Cohen.

What were your most memorable experiences at UMass and in the HANDS program?

My most memorable experience was the friendships I've made along the way from dorm roommates, sport teams, to those in the HANDS program.

What are some study tips?

Quiet environments, distraction free, set an achievable goal, give yourself plenty of time, and plan ahead.

What are your career goals?

Further my education through graduate school, and put myself in a position where I can become a valuable asset to the community.

What is some advice for nutrition students and prospective HANDS Scholars?

Do your best, that’s all any of us can do. Work hard and it will pay off later.