Paloma Suarez

Paloma SuarezYear of Graduation: 2011
Major: Nutrition (DPD)


Why were you interested in nutrition?

Because my family and I suffer from a lot of food allergies and also I love science! I thought nutrition was an awesome major.

Why did you join the HANDS program?

I wanted to get involved. I was new to the United States and I needed guidance. Also, because the program would help me pay for school.

What did you enjoy about the HANDS program?

All the great opportunities and support we had.

What were your most memorable experiences at UMass and in the HANDS program?

Graduation of course! But, I enjoyed all my nutrition classes and professors, the good friends I made, all the experiences I was able to get, the great food Dr. Cohen and others would bring to class, etc.

What are some study tips?

Time management. Study beforehand. Go to class!

What are your career goals?

Ever since I was young, my career goal has been to become a registered dietitian and to work for either the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What is some advice for nutrition students and prospective HANDS Scholars?

Don’t ever give up! The road might feel long but you can be the one to change the world!