Anna-Kay Thompson

Anna-Kay ThompsonYear of Graduation: May 2011
Major: Nutrition


Why were you interested in nutrition?

I became interested in Nutrition because of my mothers illness. I wanted to be able to tell her what to eat and what not to eat. Also, I wanted to choose a major that was different from other science majors, but will fulfill the requirements that would enable me to get into the Physician Assistant Program.

Why did you join the HANDS program?

I joined the HANDS program because it was an opportunity for me to be with a group of diverse students that serves as a support system throughout my time in the Nutrition program.

What did you enjoy about the HANDS program?

I enjoyed my time teaching the girl scouts, conventions and most importantly our end of semester lunch. I did have the opportunity to have great mentors who I value and keep closely to this day.

What were your most memorable experiences at UMass and in the HANDS program?

My most memorable at UMass would have to be my time being involved in the University Programming Council, planning events and having a good time. For HANDS it has to be the time Dr. Cohen surprised us with the HANDA hoodie… J… I also loved our meetings and the fact that we can come together and talk about our week and plan events.

What are some study tips?

Review your notes at the end of the day, if there is anything that you are unclear about, speak to the professor. Read ahead of class, when the professor is lecturing it will be review because you have already seen the material. Note cards are magic!!! Love them.

What are your career goals?

I would love to be a Physician Assistant.

What are some advice for nutrition students and prospective HANDS Scholars?

My advice to students and scholars: “Hard work overcomes all difficulties.” Take advantage of everything UMass has to offer. Check out career services. Get a mentor. Make personal connections with professors. STUDY!!!