Alan Chua

Alan ChuaYear of Graduation: 2011
Major(s): Biochemistry and Nutrition


Why were you interested in nutrition?

I was always interested in nutrition and how it affects the human body. I guess I have been looking at the nutrition facts labels on foods since I was a kid.

Why did you join the HANDS program?

I was interested in the program and the benefits it offered. Being able to have some facetime with professors is always good. Also the scholarship money helps and the scholarship is a resume builder.

What did you enjoy about the HANDS program?

I enjoyed spending extra time with different professors and learning more about their research. I also enjoyed spending time with the other scholars; good times were had!

What were your most memorable experiences at UMass and in the HANDS program?

I really enjoyed talking to the Girl Scouts about nutrition.

What are some study tips?

Everyone studies a little differently. Personally, I do light studying throughout the semester, but before exams, I would study heavily 24 hours before the exam and make sure I get a good nights sleep before the test. Make sure you eat well too, especially if you are a nutrition major!

What are your career goals?

Medical school or working at a biotech/pharmaceutical company.

What are some advice for nutrition students and prospective HANDS Scholars?

Definitely give it a try! Good times can and will be had.