Honors Program

Students entering UMass have the following honors options:

Tier 1: General Education Scholar. Students are invited by Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) as first year students or can apply after their first year.
Tier 2: Departmental Honors (DH). Includes 2 honors courses, one above 300, as well as a 6-8 credit capstone thesis or project (see more details below).
Tier 3: Commonwealth College Honors. Commonwealth College Honors is Tier 1 + Tier 2.
Departmental Honors is designed to complement and extend the experience of the academic major. DH requirements are similar to, but more specific than, those of general honors. The overall GPA for nutrition departmental honors is 3.2-3.4, depending on the year of entry to UMass. The application process varies by class year, so please speak with a CHC advisor about the admission procedure.
Course Requirements for DH
  • Two Nutrition Honors Courses: The Nutrition Department does not offer honors courses. Students typically take graduate-level courses or complete an honors independent study activity along with a non-honors required course using an Honors Independent Study Contract (HIS) obtained through Commonwealth College. The course will appear on the transcript as an HIS in Nutrition. All Departmental Honors Nutrition courses, including the honors thesis or project listed below, need to be discussed with nutrition department Honors Program Director, Dr. Alayne Ronnenberg.
  • Honors Research Project (NUTRITN 499Y): For more information on this independent research project, go to the Commonwealth Honors College website
  • Honors Thesis or Project (NUTRITION 499T or 499P): Including submission of manuscript to CHC.