Virginia A. Beal Fellowship

Virginia A. Beal, Professor Emerita of Human Nutrition, who retired from this department in 1986, has established a fellowship fund specifically for doctoral students in the Department of Nutrition.

A graduate of Simmons College in 1939, she received a M.P.H. from Harvard School of Public Health in 1945 and continued working there in the Department of Maternal and Child Health. In 1948 she joined the University of Colorado School of Medicine as a member of the Department for the Study of Human Growth and later with the Department of Pediatrics. During that time she also served as nutritionist with the Child Research Council in Denver. She became a member of the nutrition faculty at UMass in 1971.

A fellow of the American Public Health Association and member of the American Institute of Nutrition, the American Dietetic Association, Society for Nutrition Education and the New York Academy of Sciences, she was also named Centennial Scholar, Case Western Reserve University on 1980, and awarded the Medallion Award by the American Dietetic Association in 1982 and the University of Massachusetts Chancellor’s Medal in 1985. Her pioneering work and expertise in nutrition and growth was called upon by various national organizations, including National Institutes of Health, Children’s Bureau, National Research Council, American Heart Association, the Nutrition Foundation, and Center for Disease Control as a consultant or as a member of expert committees.

Professor Beal is the author of the standard textbook “Nutrition in the Life Span”, co-author of “Roberts’ Nutrition Work with Children, 4th Edition” and co-editor of “Proceedings of the Symposia on Dietary Data Collection, Analysis and Significance”. In addition to authoring chapters in a variety of other books, she is the author of more than 40 research articles.


The Virginia A. Beal Fellowship is awarded to doctoral students in Nutrition. The amount varies depending on funds available.

How to Apply

Check back soon for application deadlines, and to download the Scholarship Application.