Benefits of a Dietetic Internship

Some of the benefits of a Dietetic Internship at UMass Amherst are:

  • Small class size provides individual attention.
  • Wide variety of affiliated rotation sites. Intern preferences used to select sites.
  • 10 1/2 -month program, mid-August–end of June
  • 24–40 hours per week
  • Culturally and intellectually vibrant, yet rural, picturesque, location
  • Top-notch, dedicated, and caring preceptors
  • Seminars approximately 2-3 times per month on Fridays

Special features of the UMass Amherst Dietetic Internship:

  • Interns are required to submit abstracts for poster presentations at Regional and National Meetings.
  • Preclinical intensive program (2 weeks) to help interns prepare for their clinical rotations.
  • Research experience provided and encouraged during rotations.
  • Group budget project that culminates in a presentation to Hospital Food Service Directors.
  • Interesting seminar presenters on a variety of topics.
  • Interns transported to the Boston area 2-3 times/year for Joint Internship Class days (on Mondays).
  • Interns organize, conduct and evaluate a Legislators' Breakfast in the Spring. This offers an opportunity for interns to learn about and to help advance public policy/nutrition-related legislative initiatives for dietitians living and working in Western Massachusetts and their elected representatives.

Program Philosophy:

The philosophy of the Dietetic Internship program is based on our recognition that there is a need for broadly-trained dietitians, and that many students benefit from exposure to a wide variety of practice settings before deciding where to specialize. Our program strives to provide an opportunity for the best-qualified applicants to participate in varied and enriching supervised practice experiences that can form the broad basis for a career in any segment of the field of dietetics. The program concentration is Health Promotion/Disease Prevention and Management.