University of Massachusetts Nutrition Association (UMNA)

The UMASS Nutrition Association (UMNA) is where nutrition majors meet and work with each other outside of the classroom setting. An UMNA member has access to opportunities in nutrition and other health areas both on-campus and in the broader community. Students work to explore career options as nutrition professionals, provide community service, and network through social and professional connections.

If you are interested in UMNA, we welcome you to join this Facebook group that has postings of meeting times, upcoming events, and information on how to join the club.

Past and Annual UMNA Events

  • Throughout the semester, UMNA gives dorm talks in the UMass residence halls. These talks discuss everything from general nutrition knowledge, eating healthy in the dining commons, to developing balanced eating habits for life. They also contain a question-and-answer session. These dorm talks are a great resume builder and will put your nutrition knowledge to use!
  • Each semester, UMNA hosts a meal night at the Amherst Survival Center. The volunteers decide on a meal to cook and serve, purchasing the food with funds from UMNA. After dinner, the volunteers are responsible for clean-up. This is a really fun event and a great way to be active in the Amherst community.
  • During the Fall semester, UMNA goes apple picking at Cold Spring Orchard, the farm stand and orchard operated by UMass! The apples picked are donated to the Amherst Survival Center. This is an exciting way to bond with UMNA members and give back to the Amherst community (plus, the apples are delicious).
  • UMNA puts together an annual food drive for the Food Bank of Western, MA to be donated during the holiday season.
  • Underclassman Night is an event where upperclassmen can share information with underclassmen about classes, volunteering, and internships that helped them throughout their time at UMASS.
  • Every Spring, UMNA members volunteer at the WAMDA (Western Area Massachusetts Dietetic Association) Road Race.