Your Input Is Needed!

One of the most important parts of the self-assessment process is feedback from our constituents, including our students, alumni, board members, and community partners. We need to hear from you about all aspects of our mission, including our instructional, research and service efforts. One way in which you can provide input is through review and comment on our 2014 Self-Study Report.

We want your feedback on any aspect of the criteria and how well we are meeting those criteria. Please share your thoughts using our feedback form, email your comments directly to Gloria DiFulvio, or call her by phone at 413-545-4535. All comments from individuals who wish to be kept confidential will be kept strictly confidential.

You may also provide written comments about the Self-Study Report or any aspect of the SPHHS directly to CEPH up until 30 days before their scheduled site visit of October 15-17, 2014.

If you would like to send comments directly to CEPH, please contact Kristen Force at or at:

Kristen Force
Council on Education for Public Health
1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(202) 789-1050
Fax: (202) 789-1895

Thank you in advance for your input!