Summit Components

The following are components of the summit:

Data: Looking at current community data—how is it collected? Is there missing data needed to assess and address health inequities? Can we inform data gatherers in future? What are significant deficits in the data collected to date that makes it difficult to see inequities?

Creativity, Culture and History: Communities can bring and share any sort of media and cultural documentation of health inequities, community health visual statements (photovoice, digital storytelling, youth projects) to share. Remember all that has been created and build on and remember this work.

Policy: Create a shared voice to legislators. Understand how policy is shaped from beginning to end--locally and statewide, and how you and your constituents can play a part in future policy to achieve more equitable policies that affect social determinants of health.

Community Power Analyses: Creatively examine where power lies in our communities.

Workforce Development/ Involve the next generation of young people: Explore and remember the relationship between health equity and achieving a diversified workforce in the next generation of health care workers .