Race, Gender, & Sexuality


Lorraine Cordeiro

Assistant Professor of Nutrition

Email: lcordeiro@nutrition.umass.edu

Special Areas of Interest: Dr. Cordeiro conducts research both in the U.S.A. and internationally. The primary focus of her research is on household food security and adolescent nutritional health. She is currently investigating the associations between food security, food practices, and health risks among Cambodian women in Massachusetts.


Gloria DiFulvio

Gloria DiFulvio

Senior Lecturer of Community Health Education
Undergraduate Program Director in Public Health

Email: gloria@schoolph.umass.edu

Special Areas of Interest: Evaluation of health and human service programs within the United States. She has extensive involvement using mixed methods in community grant-funded projects in mental health promotion and suicide prevention, HIV prevention, domestic violence, drug and alcohol prevention and treatment, and K-12 prevention programs. She also has a particular interest in LGBT health. Gloria currently serves as the lead evaluator for the Massachusetts Statewide Youth Suicide Prevention Program and the Public Health Training Center.

Louis Graham


Louis Graham

Assistant Professor of Community Health Education

Email: LFGraham@schoolph.umass.edu

Special Areas of Interest: I work with communities to understand causes of suicide, depression, and HIV infection among black and Latino gay and similarly identified men and transgender women. I also work with community institutions and organizations to form coalitions that seek to promote mental wellbeing and sexual health and prevent mental disorders and sexually transmitted infections by addressing youth and young adult unemployment, experiences in schools, and criminal justice system engagement. Additionally, I provide capacity building and technical assistance to agencies focused on grant writing, improving service delivery, development of new interventions, and monitoring and evaluation. Finally, I’m interested in using research to inform policy advocacy efforts.



Aline Gubrium

Associate Professor of Community Health Education

Email: agubrium@schoolph.umass.edu

Special Areas of Interest: My research uses participatory, digital, visual, and narrative methods to study the sexual and reproductive health knowledge and decision-making of marginalized women and youth. As a major methodological innovation, I use digital storytelling to engage research participants in reflecting on sexuality, reproductive health, and related aspects of lived experience. From early research with African-American women living in a southern rural community, to work with women using Depo-Provera contraception and more recent projects working with Latino/a youth to address barriers to sexual communication and sexuality education, the driving question across the board is how the participants view their sexual and reproductive health experiences, in particular, how they make sense of, respond to, and confront the many influences that shape their sexuality.