SPHHS Alumni News - Summer 2012

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the SPHHS Summer 2012 Newsletter. The School continues to improve its facilities which are so critical to faculty and student success, enhance the teaching and research efforts of the faculty, and provide meaningful on- and off-campus experiences for students. We are fortunate to have a SPHHS Dean's Advisory Board which assists the School in its efforts in the area of student opportunities, faculty opportunities, alumni services, corporate connections, and fund-raising. The Board meets this month, and it leads me to think about these individuals, some of whom are not SPHHS alumni, who volunteer their time and energy to improve the School and do so in their "spare" time. Each individual contributes as is appropriate given individual circumstances, and all for the betterment of the SPHHS. So what does it mean to give back to a group, despite being geographically or temporally distant? Why do it? I hope it is because people are thinking of the greater good, because people recognize they are in a position to offer assistance to others and significantly and positively impact others, or simply because people believe in the unique mission and vision of the SPHHS. I encourage you to find the group that speaks to you, whether it is the SPHHS or another entity. Such interactions benefit all sides, and I want to thank personally, the Board members and the many of you who contribute behind the scenes, supporting the students, faculty and staff of the SPHHS in their endeavors.