Wexler participates in Alaskan suicide prevention summit

February 20, 2014

Lisa Wexler, Associate Professor of Community Health Education, recently attended a two-day suicide prevention summit in Anchorage, Alaska. Hosted by the Alaska Statewide Suicide Prevention Council, along with the Division of Behavioral Health, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Alaska Mental Health Board and Advisory Board of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, the summit convened a broad group of Alaskans to collaborate on the 2012-2017 state suicide prevention plan titled “Casting the Net Upstream: Promoting Wellness to Prevent Suicide in Alaska.”

The participants, representing six regions and communities throughout the state, discussed strategies to expand on Regional Action Plans created at the 2012 summit and ways to implement the state plan in their communities. A national expert in indigenous suicide prevention planning, Wexler worked with colleagues from the Bering Straits and Northwest Alaska region to present their goals to the council. Additional regional teams represented the Southeast, Southwest, Gulf Coast, Anchorage/Matsu, and Interior areas of the state.

“The meeting allowed people from all over Alaska to share ideas and resources in order to develop coordinated plans for suicide prevention throughout the state,” says Wexler.

For more information, visit the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services' Statewide Suicide Prevention Council website.

Lisa Wexler (front row, left) with members of the Northern Alaska Wellness Initiative (NAWI) in Anchorage, Alaska for the Statewide Suicide Prevention Summit