Vandenberg quoted in Healthline story on "Meal Prepping" and exposure to BPA

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Laura Vandenberg

Laura Vandenberg
Photo by Pablo Robles
Media Compass Photography

June 23, 2017

Laura Vandenberg, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, comments on the risk of exposure to chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disruptor, in a recent Healthline story on "Meal Prepping" in advance. While generally considered a healthy practice, preparing meals in advance does run the risk of exposure to chemicals such as BPA commonly found in the plastic containers used to heat prepared meals. Vandenberg explains that there are two problems with this type of exposure; "One is that we are constantly exposed in our environment, so the levels never really seem to drop. Even in people that have been fasting, metabolite levels in urine are still detected. The second problem is that, if exposures occur during a vulnerable period of development, like fetal development, the effects can be permanent — even if exposures cease.”

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