Umberger named NCSRR OpenSim Fellow

March 20, 2014

Brian Umberger, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, has been named an inaugural OpenSim Fellow of the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NCSRR). The NCSRR fellows program recognizes individuals with a deep expertise in biomechanical modeling and computer simulation and a strong commitment to the OpenSim modeling and simulation community. The NCSRR is a National Institutes of Health Medical Rehabilitation Research Center based at Stanford University that develops state-of-the-art computer modeling and simulation tools for clinical and other applications. The primary application developed by NCSRR is OpenSim, which is the leading open-source software system for creating models and developing simulations of human and animal movement.

Umberger's research combines empirical data with advanced modeling and simulation techniques to study the biomechanics and energetics of human locomotion. He has used these techniques to better understand how the metabolic cost of movement if influenced by the way muscles function to produce movement. His research has focused on normal and pathological gait in adults and children, but also includes comparative work on the evolution of human bipedal locomotion. Current research, which is partially funded by the NCSRR, is focused on developing biomechanical models to better understand the locomotor adaptations made by lower limb amputees.