SPHHS in Video: Research and Education

Biostatistics and Epidemiology at UMass Amherst

The Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of Massachusetts School of Public Health and Health Sciences provides students with strong analytic and quantitative skills needed to conduct professional level public health research, disease surveillance, program evaluation, and public health practice.

Beyond the Classroom: TBI Recognition Training

Communication Disorders students are going Beyond the Classroom to enrich and advance their education & future careers. These ambitious graduate students spent the last several months volunteering their time to create a presentation educating the Hadley Police Department on how to recognize a person with a traumatic brain injury.

Kinesiology at UMass Amherst

The Department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts School of Public Health and Health Sciences offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human movement, investigating the mechanical, neurological, biochemical, physiological, and behavior components of human movement.

UMass Women in Science: Sofiya Alhassan

Sofiya Alhassan, associate professor of kinesiology at UMass Amherst, researches ways of improving children's health. It's this impact that she believes draws students to her field, including many female undergraduates. To these students she tells an important message: get involved early and don't be afraid of making mistakes.

Innovative Health Interventions

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Katie Becofsky is leading the UMass Amherst Behavioral Medicine Lab in the SPOT Study, assessing the effects of obedience training on the dog-owner bond and human-health outcomes.

Communication Disorders students connect with Parkinson's community

Pioneer Valley residents with Parkinson's Disease learn vocal training techniques from UMass Amherst Communication Disorders graduate students, instructed by Clinical Assistant Professor Lisa Sommers.

Evidence-based practices for improving diagnostics, management and treatment of hearing loss

The Department of Communication Disorders' audiology program fosters evidence-based practices to improve diagnostics, management and treatment of hearing loss.

Training the Next Generation of Speech-Language Pathologists

The Department of Communication Disorders is training future generations of speech-language pathologists to better serve their clients.

Environmental Health Sciences at UMass Amherst

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences is conducting research that's making an impact, not just in the world of science but in the world of public health and public good.

Father's exposure to chemicals may affect embryo quality

A new study led by Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Studies Richard Pilsner looks at the paternal side of reproductive outcomes. The study finds exposures to plastics may have an effect on embryo development.

Advocating for Environmental Safety

Award-winning scientist Laura Vandenberg is acclaimed internationally for her dedicated persistence in studying the toxicity of chemicals and plastics in everyday products that can contribute to diseases in later life, including cancer and obesity.

Researchers Study Uneven Hearing Loss

A UMass Amherst study by hearing researchers Richard Freyman and Karen Helfer may result in better treatment options for people suffering from asymmetric hearing loss.

Zebrafish Studies Link Pollutants with Human Disease

Researchers at UMass Amherst led by Assistant Professor Alicia Timme-Laragy are unlocking the mystery of disease by studying zebrafish fetal development. These studies indicate that, in humans, similar early life exposure to chemicals in our environment may contribute to disease later in life.

Peltier Lab Studies Heath Hazards of Air Pollution

The lab of Richard Peltier at UMass Amherst does innovative studies on air pollution that result in better documentation of its effects on human health globally.

Researching Gestational Diabetes

Professor of Epidemiology Lisa Chasan-Taber discusses her research in gestational diabetes as part of the UMass Amherst Public Engagement Project.

Cutting Edge Anatomy

New technology is transforming the teaching of anatomy and physiology at UMass Amherst. The nationally ranked Kinesiology Department has acquired two Anatomage tables, enabling deep exploration of the human body without dissection of real cadavers.

Institute for Applied Life Sciences at UMass Amherst

Kinesiology faculty and students are featured in this video for the Institute for Applied Life Sciences at UMass Amherst. They are investigating and developing new methods of innovative healthcare treatment, and supporting entrepreneurial and manufacturing partnerships with industry. Visit www.umass.edu/ials/.

LabTV profiles Associate Professor Katherine Reeves

LabTV profiled Associate Professor Katherine Reeves, whose research involves public health and breast cancer, with the goal of determining how specific chemicals relate to the development of breast cancer.

Public Health Study in Nepal

Rick Peltier and Kabindra Shayka of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences filmed this report in Kathmandu, where they are leading a multinational study identifying air pollutants and tracking their effects on local police.