SPHHS research study on inflammation and PMS featured in The Wall Street Journal

September 1, 2014

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a study led by Associate Professor of Epidemiology Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson (pictured at right) and a team of SPHHS researchers including fellow faculty members Alayne Ronnenberg (Nutrition) and Brian Whitcomb (Epidemiology), lecturer Sofija Zagarins, and graduate students Serena Houghton, Carrie Nobles, Biki Takashima-Uebelhoer, and Joyce Faraj.

The study, titled “Association of inflammation markers with menstrual symptom severity and premenstrual syndrome in young women,” originally appeared in the journal Human Reproduction and reported that elevated levels of inflammatory proteins called cytokines may trigger some of the most severe PMS symptoms. Chronic inflammation is associated with depression and other psychiatric and health disorders that share features of PMS, the researchers said, though they caution that additional studies are needed to determine whether inflammation plays an etiologic role in PMS.

The study appears second in The Wall Street Journal’s “Research Report” column and may be read online here.