SPHHS recognizes students for outstanding achievements

May 5, 2015

Over 30 SPHHS students attended the SPHHS Awards Celebration, where they were recognized for outstanding achievements in the classroom, research, and through service to the community.

The SPHHS Awards Celebration was sponsored by the SPHHS and held in the Cape Cod Lounge at the Student Union Building on April 25. Numerous SPHHS faculty, staff, and student family and friends attended the event.

A full list of award winners can be found below the event slideshow.

The SPHHS recognized its students who received department scholarships and honors. These students include:

Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology Award Recipients

Outstanding First-Year Student

  • Yibai Zhao, Biostatistics
  • Christine Langton, Epidemiology

Outstanding Academic Scholarship

  • Yiding Zhang, Biostatistics
  • Alexandra Purdue-Smithe, Epidemiology

Department of Communication Disorders Award Recipients

Miriam P. Romo Award

  • Kayla MacKay, ’15 Communication Disorders

Gilbert C. Tolhurst Senior Scientist Award

  • Emily Morse, ’15 Communication Disorders

Henry B. Peirce Service Award

Alison Foreman, ’15 Communication Disorders

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) Award

  • Margaret Griesmer, ’15 Communication Disorders

Department of Kinesiology Award Recipients

Timothy Moynahan Award

  • Aurora Foster, ’15 Kinesiology

Patty Freedson Undergraduate Health and Wellness Scholarship

  • Julie DeBenedetto, ‘17 Kinesiology & Nutrition

Eric Sinacori Memorial Scholarship

  • Jordan Soucy, ’17 Kinesiology
  • Meredith Gallagher, ’18 Kinesiology

Rouzier Family Pre-Health Professional Scholarship

  • Niral V. Patel, ’16 Kinesiology

CYBEX Undergraduate Research Grant Award (Click here for a related story.)

  • Emma Cotton, ’15 Kinesiology
  • Jaclyn LeBlanc, ’15 Kinesiology

American Kinesiology Association Undergraduate Scholar Award

  • Nisa Mann, ’15 Kinesiology

American Kinesiology Association Masters Student Scholar Award

  • Erica Hartman, Kinesiology

American Kinesiology Association Doctoral Student Scholar Award

  • Ling Xin, Kinesiology

American Kinesiology Graduate Student Writing Award

  • Thomas Longyear, Kinesiology

Priscilla M. Clarkson Graduate Scholarship in Kinesiology

  • Kate LaBarbera, Kinesiology
  • Jennifer Blankenship, Kinesiology

Department of Nutrition Award Recipients (Click here for a related story.)

Virginia A. Beal Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Christine Charbonneau, ’15 Nutrition
  • Rita Longe, ’16 Nutrition

Helen S. Mitchell Scholarship Award

  • Jeanette Schaible, ’15 Nutrition & Public Health Sciences

Peter L. Pellett Graduate Scholarship

  • Bi-Sek Hsiao, Nutrition

Virginia A. Beal Graduate Scholarship

  • Qiong Chen, Nutrition
  • Seokyeong Yu, Nutrition

Helen S. Mitchell Graduate Scholarship

  • Emily Harrington, Nutrition

School of Public Health & Health Sciences Award Recipient

Corinne A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Award

  • D’Andre Quinerly, ’15 Public Health Sciences
  • Nayha Chopra-Tandon, ’15 Public Health Sciences

Additional student honorees included SPHHS recipients of UMass Amherst Alumni Association awards. (Read here for more information on the Alumni Association awards.)

Robert B. Collins ’19 Student Alumni Association Scholarship

  • Lauren Richardson, ’17 Kinesiology

William F. Field Alumni Scholars:

  • Robert Dunn, ’16 Nutrition
  • Kristen Fraser, ’16 Public Health Sciences
  • Kendra Lastowka, ’16 Kinesiology
  • Danielle Lewis, ’16 Public Health Sciences
  • Madison Ward, ’16 Communication Disorders

Senior Leadership Award:

  • Jaclyn LeBlanc, ’15 Kinesiology

Other SPHHS students were recognized for their contributions by numerous offices across campus. These include:

21st Century Leader Award (Click here for a related story.)

  • Hannah Weinronk, ’15 Public Health Sciences

UMass Amherst Winter Scholar-Athlete (Click here for a related story.)

  • Courtney Kromko, ’15 Kinesiology

Charles D. Baker II Scholarship (Click here for a related story.)

  • Patrice Charlot, ’15 Public Health Sciences