SPHHS congratulates Alumni Association's 2012 Student Award winners

December 31, 2012

SPHHS Field Alumni Scholar Jeffrey Larnard

The School of Public Health and Health Sciences would like to congratulate the winners of the UMass Amherst Alumni Association’s 2012 Student Awards. Each year, the Alumni Association presents more than 100 scholarships and over $90,000 to worthy students.

Once again, students in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences are very well represented among the award-winning group of students. The SPHHS is pleased to announce its students have been chosen as the Alumni Merit-Based SAA Scholarship awardee, as Senior Leadership Award recipients, and as William F. Field Alumni Scholars.

The Alumni Merit-Based Scholarship recognizes a Student Alumni Association member who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the Student Alumni Association and within the larger university community. This year, only one student was selected to receive this honor:

Jessica He ’12, Public Health

The Senior Leadership Award recognizes graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the UMass Amherst community. Award recipients have distinguished themselves through important contributions to student organizations and campus jobs, through academic excellence, and through public and community service. This year, four of the twenty-five recipients came from the School of Public Health and Health Sciences:

Jessica He ’12, Public Health
Elizabeth Lundy ’12, Nutrition
Summer Moukalled ’12, Kinesiology
Thony Tran ’12, Nutrition

Finally, five SPHHS students – a pre-determined number proportional to the size of the School – were chosen as William F. Field Alumni Scholars. The William F. Field Alumni Scholars Program was established in 1976 to recognize and honor third-year students for their academic achievements at UMass Amherst. The program was named in honor of William F. Field, the university’s first Dean of Students, for his outstanding support of academic excellence and his personal commitment to bringing out the best in every student.

The SPHHS William F. Field Alumni Scholars for 2012 are:

Megan Colwell ’13, Kinesiology
Decia DeMaio ’13, Communication Disorders
Molly Flynn ’13, Public Health Sciences
Jeffrey Larnard ’13, Nutrition
Jennifer Russell ’13, Communication Disorders

The Alumni Association honored these students at a Scholarships & Awards Reception held on April 1, 2012 in the Marriott Center. Please join us in congratulating them.

For a complete list of recipients of the UMass Amherst Alumni Association’s 2012 Scholarships and Awards Recipients, click here.