Peterman testifies for National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics

April 18, 2012

Jerusha Nelson Peterman, ass

istant professor of Nutrition, testified April 17 as an invited panelist on applications for community research for the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics in Silver Spring, Md. Her testimony came as part of the Subcommittee on Privacy, Confidentiality Security's two-day panel on "Next Steps for Community Data Use."

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics was established by Congress to serve as an advisory body to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on health data, statistics and national health information policy. It fulfills important review and advisory functions relative to health data and statistical problems of national and international interest, stimulates or conducts studies of such problems and makes proposals for improvement of the nation's health statistics and information systems.

Peterman's community-based research focuses on issues of food security, acculturation, and dietary choices in immigrant families. Her testimony will help to inform the panel on how building capacity in communities through research partnerships can strengthen the research process and help translate findings into community programs and applications.