Peer-to-Peer Profile: Stephanie Ramos ‘17

UMass Amherst Public Health student Stephanie Ramos

Stephanie Ramos

May 19, 2017

Interviewed by Katrina Borofski '17

Between her eagerness to serve others and passion for the health sciences, Stephanie Ramos has found her niche within public health. Originally a Biochemistry major, Stephanie switched to Public Health not long after arriving at UMass Amherst and was immediately struck with the freedom she had in taking classes specific to her interests. For her, her interests lie in the health sciences, so she was able to complement the public health curriculum with pre-clinical coursework as she plans to pursue a career as a physician’s assistant.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much leeway I had with my schedule,” explained Ramos. “I was able to make my schedule based on the classes I needed to take for my PA prerequisites, plus the advisors are extremely attentive and always helpful, making my decision to pursue a clinical career much easier.”

While her future career plans are leading her in a medical direction, she is also passionate about working within her community to implement positive change. Stephanie recently participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk, an event devoted to raising awareness for suicide. The Out of the Darkness Walk raises funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to invest in new research and implement new programs and support to educate the community on suicide and provide support for survivors.

After suffering from the loss of several members of her hometown community to suicide, Stephanie has actively sought out ways to educate others on suicide and support those suffering from mental illness.

“This event represents how when communities come together, we can make a big change, and for me it represented commemorating those we’ve lost, and giving some sunshine to those who need it,” explained Ramos.

Outside of her involvement in clinical work and community outreach, Stephanie serves as a resident assistant for multi-year students on campus as well as a unit coordinator at Tufts Medical Center.

For others interested in getting involved, she recommends students find what they’re passionate about and go from there.

“I would absolutely recommend to any public health major that if they’re passionate about a career path, take small steps toward it. Gain connections and don’t be afraid to fail!”