Kinesiology students Cotton and LeBlanc awarded CYBEX undergraduate research grants

March 24, 2015

From left: Emma Cotton and Jaclyn LeBlanc with a Cybex Arc Trainer used in their study.

Kinesiology majors Emma Cotton and Jaclyn LeBlanc have won a CYBEX undergraduate research grant to help fund the completion of their honors thesis projects. The $2,500 grant was awarded through an agreement between the Department of Kinesiology and CYBEX International, a Massachusetts-based exercise equipment manufacturer, and includes funding for research costs and a small stipend.

Cotton and LeBlanc will conduct a collaborative study “Comparing Perceived Fatigue, Pain and Discomfort on the Cybex Arc Trainer vs. Cybex Treadmill” in the Physical Activity and Health Laboratory under the supervision of faculty advisor and Kinesiology Chair Patty Freedson.

“I am honored that Cybex gave us a grant to conduct our research,” says Cotton.

“My portion of the study is focusing on subjects’ perception of pain, discomfort and fatigue while exercising at a moderate pace on two different modes: Cybex Arc Trainer and the Treadmill,” she adds.

“I will be evaluating the effect of BMI on energy expenditure on the Treadmill and the Arc Trainer,” says LeBlanc. 

“The Cybex grant will help us replace equipment in the lab, so all research conducted in future studies will be more accurate,” she notes. “The grant will also help pay participants for taking the time to come into the lab to conduct our study,” LeBlanc adds.

“Emma and Jaclyn worked with myself and two of my doctoral students, Amanda Hickey, Albert Mendoza, to formulate a set of very interesting questions to explore differences in physiological responses and perceptions of pain and fatigue,” notes Freedson. “They cleverly devised a way to equalize workloads between these two exercise machines so that they could examine the outcomes, independent of differences in exercise intensity,” she says. 

“We are truly honored to have this opportunity and mentoring. It has helped us grow academically and professionally and we can’t wait to share the results when we are done in May.” LeBlanc says.