Intern from UMass Receives Award

August 16, 2013

Natasha Pena, an undergraduate public health major, recently received a Partners for Excellence Award for her work at Massachusetts General Hospital. The award is granted through peer nominations, and according to the Boston hospital’s website, it honors “exceptional employees and teams in one of the following five categories: quality treatment and service, leadership and innovation, teamwork, operational efficiency and outstanding community contributions.”

“When I received the award I was baffled and honored. I did not think that being an intern I made such an impression on patients and on my peers,” said Pena.

The award honors Pena’s work on the team handling the Continuous Care Initiative, which manages continuity of care for patients moving between hospital wards or between their homes and the hospital.

“We got the award for quality treatment and service. If there were any problems the patients were having we tried to resolve them. We followed up with the patients we saw in order to have them remember our faces, and we showed the patients that we care about them and their stay at the hospital.”