Gubrium, Krause Op-ed Assails Milwaukee Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign

January 22, 2015

Photos: Aline Gubrium (left) and Betsy Krause (right)

Aline Gubrium, Associate Professor of Community Health Education, and Betsy Krause, Professor of Anthropology, have published an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in which they characterize the teen pregnancy awareness campaign launched by the United Way of Greater Milwaukee as cruel and misguided. The campaign resorts to ads with images of teen parents as toy animals controlled by giant-sized babies with ads that read “Have a baby too young and it'll control your life.”

The pair cites their work with the Hear Our Stories digital storytelling project in Holyoke as a way in which young parents can transform stigma and misperceptions by speaking out about their own lives.

Read the full op-ed here.