Institute for Social Science Research Summer Seminars: Waylon Howard

  • Date:
    Jul 28 2014
    12:30pm to 02:00pm
    UMass Amherst, W32 Machmer Hall

    Waylon Howard will present a seminar titled "Using Principal Components as Auxiliary Variables in Missing Data Estimation." This talk addresses the handling of missing data for the applied researcher. Howard will highlight the importance of auxiliary variables when using modern missing data techniques to recover power and accuracy from data with missingness, and then focus on an important estimation limitation when using a large set of auxiliary variables. Researchers will learn about an effective and practical approach to reap the benefits of many auxiliary variables while avoiding estimation failure.

    Waylon Howard is Director of Research and Evaluation at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities, leading and managing research and evaluation efforts to assess and report on the effectiveness of various programs and grant-making strategies.

    Registration Information:
    A light lunch will be served.