Doctoral Proposal Defense: Nene Okunna

  • Date:
    Jan 24 2014
    01:00pm to 02:30pm
    UMass Amherst, Arnold House, Room 321

    Ph.D. candidate Nene C. Okunna will defend her doctoral proposal titled "Assessment of Problem Gambling in Massachusetts, Co-Occurring Conditions, and Treatment Providers: Implications for Public Health."

    Her research uses secondary data from the Massachusetts Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System for the period of 1999 to 2010, to assess 1) disparities in the prevalence of gambling, co-occurring behavioral health addictions, and mental health disorders in the state; and 2) evaluate risk factors and relationship between problem gambling and related behavioral addictions, and mental health disorders of Massachusetts communities.  

    Her research also uses primary data to assess 1) gambling treatment providers training and competencies, and screening, treatment, and referral practices, and 2) the effectiveness of an educational intervention on problem gambling to change medical students’ knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs towards individuals with gambling problems and other co-occurring behavioral health additions.  

    This research aims to stimulate public health debate and increase awareness towards gambling and co-occurring disorders among stakeholders, research community, and current and future mental health workforce in the Commonwealth.

    Her committee members are Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, Chair, Krishna C. Poudel, Member, and David A. Smelson, Outside Member.

    All are welcome to attend.