Do You Know What is in the Air in Mason Square?

  • Date:
    Feb 21 2013
    06:00pm to 08:00pm
    Community Room in the Mason Square Library, 765 State Street, Springfield, MA 01109

    Air pollution is one of the top environmental concerns of the Springfield residents. This community meeting for residents of the Mason Square neighborhoods will discuss:

    -  What effect does air pollution have on health?

    -  What effect does air pollution have on jobs and economic development?

    -  What can we do to improve air?

    -  As Springfield has been designated an Environmental Justice Community, residents expect “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, or income in the development and implementation of public policy.”

    -  Let your voice be heard and work toward improving air quality in Springfield at this event, the first in a series of community meetings on air pollution.

    This meeting about air pollution is one of several also being organized for East Springfield/Indian Orchard and the North End/Lower Liberty Heights by Arise for Social Justice, 467 State St., Springfield, 734-4948,

    Arise for Social Justice is a continuing project by Partners for a Healthier Community’s CARE Project with funding by the US Environmental Protection Agency.