Center for Research on Families profiles Krystal Pollitt for Scholar Feature

Krystal Pollitt

December 1, 2017

The Center for Research on Families at UMass Amherst recently profiled Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and 2017-18 Family Research Scholar Krystal Pollitt for its website. Pollitt spoke about her extensive research on the health impacts air pollution has on humans.

“[My] entry into public health was non-traditional,” she says. While completing her doctoral studies at King’s College London, Pollitt redirected her focus toward environmental health sciences explaining, “London is at the epicenter of air pollution--they have been dealing with it for hundreds of years.”

This realization led her to study the effects of air pollution on health and discovered first-hand the negative impacts of poor air quality, including the red, watery eyes and a persistent cough known colloquially as the “London eye” and “London nose.” This personal experience motivated Pollitt to continue her work linking medical conditions to pollution.

Pollitt plans to study the ways in which cumulative, environmental factors impact disease, with the ultimate goal of developing strategies for people to better avoid certain exposures and the negative health outcomes associated with them. Her proposed research will focus on mother-child dyads from low-income Hispanic families in Springfield. Pollitt hopes that the findings produced by her pilot research will ultimately be used to provide children and their families with tailored behavioral interventions to improve their asthma management.

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