Carbone Teaches Course in Rome

July 3, 2013

Elena Carbone and Catherine Wickham (l-r) with students in the CFSI program.
(Image courtesy of the GustoLab Institute)

Elena Carbone, Associate Professor of Nutrition, recently taught a course at the Gustolab Institute in Rome.  Gustolab is the first Academic Center for Food and Culture Studies in Italy. The Institute, partnered with UMass Amherst, offers the Critical Studies on Food in Italy (CSFI) program, which is a study abroad experience devoted to studying Italian food culture from a historical, political, economic and social perspective. Carbone’s course was titled “Food, Nutrition and Culture” and focused on how culture and ethnicity affect dietary practices, especially in comparison between the U.S. and Italy.

“It was a unique opportunity to be able to teach a course on food, nutrition and culture and fully integrate the rich history of the surrounding areas to enhance both the learning and teaching experience,” said Carbone.

The Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation awarded Carbone a $5,000 travel grant to help fund the trip and the SPHHS gave Catherine Wickham, a Ph.D. student in Nutrition, a $2,000 Graduate Student International Travel Grant.  During the trip to Italy Wickham collected preliminary data for her dissertation, which is examining how people use social media to interact with food and how social media helps shape a person's knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to food cultures.