Braun presents at ACSM Health & Fitness Summit

April 11, 2014

Professor of Kinesiology Barry Braun presented an invited lecture on April 2 at the 2014 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health and Fitness Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. Attended by over 1000 people, the summit is ACSM's signature fitness conference. It gives students, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, certified professionals, and others the full spectrum of programming from scientific to practical application.

Titled “Too much sitting: How does it affect appetite and weight?" Braun's talk helped attendees better understand the relationships between energy intake and expenditure and clarified the role for hunger and satiety hormones in regulating appetite and food intake. In a mixture of work from his own laboratory and that of other research groups, he presented the state of research on short- and long-term effects of changing physical activity patterns on the regulation of appetite and weight management. In particular, Professor Braun emphasized the hot topic of excessive sedentary behavior (sitting) and how it changes hunger, satiety and food intake in directions that may could lead to weight gain and obesity. He provided attendees with potential strategies to modify exercise prescription and focus on reduced time spent sitting to optimize the beneficial effects on weight management.