Braun inducted to National Academy of Kinesiology

May 14, 2014

Barry Braun, Professor of Kinesiology, was recently elected as a fellow in the National Academy of Kinesiology. Election to the Academy is one of the highest honors for a professor in kinesiology. The Academy promotes the study of kinesiology by recognizing scholarly research, through annual meetings, and by awarding honors for contributions to the field of kinesiology.

Braun specializes in exercise, diabetes, energy metabolism and endocrinology. His laboratory is trying to optimize the design of an exercise "drug" that will enhance metabolic health. To optimally use exercise to minimize insulin resistance and prevent/manage Type-2 diabetes, they are working on:

  • Better understanding how exercise functions as a “drug” to benefit metabolic health;
  • Determining how the exercise drug  interacts with key pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Testing novel approaches; e.g. less sitting, as potential strategies to enhance metabolic health;
  • Examining how activity and inactivity impact hormonal regulation of appetite.

Braun will be inducted into this honorary society at their annual meeting in the fall in Austin, Texas. He was nominated by Kinesiology Department Chair Patty Freedson, who was the leader of the nominating team, which also included David Bassett, Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and Nancy Williams, Professor and Chair of Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University. All members of the nominating team are also National Academy of Kinesiology Fellows.