Alumni Association profiles Community Health Education graduate Elizabeth Chennamchetty

September 26, 2017

“Life happens. Sometimes you just have to write about it,” states Community Health Education alumna Elizabeth Chennamchetty MPH ’04.

In a profile piece appearing in the UMass Amherst Alumni Association website, Chennamchetty describes what it feels like to marry into a different culture. She recounts her “mishaps and growth in an unexpected multicultural marriage” in a memoir titled Bangles, Bindis and Babies: Becoming a Family. The book tells the story of her experience marrying a man from India - fellow Community Health Education alumnus Vijay Chennamchetty MPH ’03 – and immersing herself in her husband’s native culture.

In the years since their marriage, Chennamchetty has learned about Indian culture, lifestyle and relationships. One of the points Chennamchetty makes in her memoir is teaching her three children to celebrate and educate others on their family’s differing cultures and traditions.

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