Racial Differences in Skeletal Muscle Fatigue

Participants needed for a study-Seeking MEN to volunteer for a muscle study:
Racial Differences in Skeletal Muscle Fatigue
How does your race affect strength loss during exercise?

Summary: In general, our understanding of the human neuromuscular system is based almost entirely on studies of white adults. As the United States population continues to become more racially diverse, there is a need to understand how race affects skeletal muscle contractile and fatigue characteristics in a group of young men.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand how differences in race affect skeletal muscle contractile and fatigue characteristics.

Participant Requirements:

  • Men ages 18-30
  • Of White, African-American, East Asian, or Hispanic/Latino descent
  • Not involved in an exercise training program
  • Parents and Grandparents living in the United States
  • A non-smoker

What to Expect: 2 total visits (Muscle Physiology Laboratory, UMass, Amherst)

Visit 1 – (2 hours) – Paperwork and baseline muscle testing
Visit 2 – (1 hour)  – Exercise testing and recovery

Compensation: You will receive a free T-shirt upon completing this study.

If interested, contact us at: