Dean’s Research Enhancement Opportunity 2014-2015

Faculty in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences may apply to the Dean’s office for funding to enhance an existing or new research program.  These funds (up to $10,000 per faculty member) are being made available to support the faculty member’s research program and can include funds for equipment or student research assistants.  Awardees will be required to keep an itemized budget of expenditures.  At the end of the award period, the faculty member should prepare a one page paper detailing how the funds were used and what was accomplished.  Up to five Research Enhancement Opportunities will be awarded per year.

To apply for funds a faculty member must submit the following:

  1. A brief concept paper explaining the research area and the faculty’s accomplishments thus far.
  2. A current CV containing publications in the area of research.
  3. An itemized budget, timeline and scope of work for the project.  Budgets will be reviewed for appropriateness.
  4. If the faculty is responding to a specific RFP, a copy of the RFP including due dates should be provided. 
  5. Letters of recommendation from mentors and/or Department Chair are encouraged but not mandatory.

All materials should be submitted electronically to the Associate Dean ( with a copy to the Dean’s office ( by Monday, December 1, 2014.  All award decisions are made by the Dean or a Dean’s committee.  Funds will be available for the semester and/or summer following the award unless extenuating circumstances require funds more quickly.

N.B. Faculty members are eligible to receive only one enhancement opportunity award.